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Pro bono consulting in Africa - Where our help is truly needed Video animation, September 2017

With this initiative, we want to leverage our vast expertise in management healthcare consulting to improve access to healthcare...

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Does Value Based Pricing have a role in diagnostics? Executive Insight Publication, August 2017

Value-based pricing (VBP) is becoming more commonplace in pharma. However, it is rarely utilized in diagnostics, where pricing...

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Nothing about us without us! PME, May 2017

Why patient engagement is essential throughout the entire product lifecycle ...

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Power to the people PME, May 2017

Interview in PME on how to collaboratively engage with patients...

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Engaging patients right from the start A series by Executive Insight

Meike Wenzel, Partner at Executive Insight, talks about the importance of engaging patients early on. A recently conducted...

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How to ensure commercial success through early value definition Video animation, February 2017

Yes, value definition has to start THAT early! Early value definition means developing a clear idea early on how the product...

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Early Value Definition: A paradigm shift A series by Executive Insight

Introduction: How to ensure commercial success through early value definition ...

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How to tailor your global market access strategy to local needs Video animation, December 2016

Breaking down your global market access strategy to local needs and expectations - made easy....

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Francesca Boggio talks about innovative contracting in pharma Video Interview, November 2016

Francesca Boggio talks about the future of innovative contracting. She reveals critical success factors and gives valuable...

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Achieving patient centricity: 4 key lessons from orphan disease companies Video animation, October 2016

Orphan drugs – leading the way in patient centricity The need to increase patient centricity in pharma is currently a...

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Orphan drugs – leading the way in patient centricity PME, October 2016

The need to increase patient centricity in pharma is currently a hot topic in the industry, but in the orphan drug / rare...

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Recorded Webinar: How to strengthen Market Access Video animation, October 2016

In today’s multi-stakeholder environment, pharma companies need to coordinate their stakeholder interactions between functions...

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Biopharma without borders - A dynamic approach for getting niche specialty care and orphan products to market. Informa, September 2016

Specialty care and orphan products are on the rise, with the latter alone now expected to reach a sales value of $178 billion...

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Strengthening market access deliverables by harnessing the patient journey PME Supplement, September 2016

Pharma companies need to coordinate their stakeholder interactions between functions to ensure consistency of message and...

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Medical Affairs- The time for change is now PME, May 2016

Transforming itself into a key, central strategic function, medical affairs is uniquely placed to help pharma overcome today's...

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Current Perspectives On The Biopharma Go-To-Market Model First Word, January 2016

Mind the gap! Why the disparity between the go-to-market strategies companies should be implementing and are implementing...

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4 Steps to unlocking long-term funding for innovative therapies in the hospital setting Executive Insight report, January 2016

Innovation in the healthcare sector is always welcome to help drive improvements in patient outcomes. However, innovation...

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Severe Weather Warning – Shaping a market access strategy to navigate choppy local waters PME September 2015

For many pharma companies, the level of local country uptake of global market access tools is remarkably low. … ...

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Stakeholder and KOL Management: Taking the pulse Executive Insight report, August 2015

The term ‘Stakeholder management’ is used a lot in the pharma industry, but what exactly does it mean in the context...

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Opposites Attract: Pairing R&D and Commercial Teams Pharmaceutical Executive, May 2015

Without insights from Commercial functions at an earlier stage of drug development, R&D teams can miss crucial information...

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Overcoming quantitative pricing limitations with payer insights PME, April 2015

Choosing an accurate price for a product without a therapeutic equivalent can feel like a leap in the dark… ...

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Personalized Medicine at a Crossroads Pharmaceutical Executive, March 2015

Personalized Medicine at a Crossroads- where to now? ...

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A difficult journey-The pursuit of excellence in Key Account Management PME, December 2014

The quest for customer centricity with key healthcare accounts triggers significant changes across a pharma organization…...

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Beyond the Pill – A Global Study Journal of Medical Marketing, November 2014

Offering value-added services alongside products, as a means to improve health outcomes and provide a competitive advantage,...

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Access to personalized medicine: building a multi-stakeholder roadmap Executive Insight report, November 14

This report outlines the key conclusions from each stakeholder category, and demonstrates how these can feed into an overall...

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Dive in - Therapeutic area leadership PME, September 2014

The race of therapeutic area leadership is one you need to win...

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Pan-European Specialty Pharma Businesses Executive Insight report, July 2014

This report summarizes our experience as pioneers of pan-European customer-driven specialty niche organizations, starting...

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Accelerating Transformation for Success 2nd Global Medtech Industry Report, 2014

This report builds on the 2nd World Medtech Forum Lucerne (WMTF) in September 2013 and 1:1 interviews with 21 Medtech executives…...

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Five Steps to Find your ‘Beyond the Pill’ Strategy Pharmaceutical Physician Journal, May 2014

A short window of opportunity exists for pharmaceutical companies to establish indispensable beyond the pill services, which...

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Market Access for Specialty Products in Latin America PME, April 2014

Andrea Sobrio and Dr. Sandra Schoenes examine the market access challenges and opportunities specifically for premium, specialty...

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Personalised medicine-Uptake challenges PME, March 2014

Are healthcare systems ready for the personalised medicines and companion diagnostics?...

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New Shores -The shift from just selling pills to developing value-added services has only just begun PME, November 2013

Biopharma companies are discovering that compelling and aligned services underpinned by a core strategy are providing them...

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Initiating Early Access Programs: 5 Things to Consider Pharmaceutical Executive, August 2013

Executive Insight’s Morteza Yazdani and Francesca Boggio look at the the specific considerations for launching an Early...

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Personalised Medicine Executive Insight Publication,
June 2013

How ready is the market for you and how ready are you for the market?...

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Going Beyond The Pill: The Big Questions Executive Insight Publication,
8 March 2013

Debraj Dasgupta (Novartis) and Meike Wenzel (Executive Insight) examine the big questions surrounding the adding value beyond...

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Biologics: The Next Patent Cliff Pharmaceutical Executive, March 2013

How can biologics brands prepare for their own imminent patent cliff?...

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Beyond The Pill: More than Just a Slogan Executive Insight Publication,
21 February 2013

Debraj Dasgupta (Novartis) and Meike Wenzel (Executive Insight) discuss the concept of "value beyond the pill", what it really...

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How to commercialise narrow indication products Pharma Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012

With the blockbuster model wearing thin, the pharmaceutical industry has needed to diversify its go-to-market approach. Narrow-indication...

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Going Beyond The Pill Series Pharmafocus, Issues 9 - 12, 2012

In this article series Executive Insight examines the increasing requirement for pharmaceutical companies to provide 'value...

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Rebirth of a Salesman: Why Sales Forces Are Due for a Revival Pharmaceutical Executive,
Global Digest September 2012

Eric Janvier and Wendy van der Lubbe ask how traditional sales forces can be best utilized in a new model of customer-centric...

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Innovative Contracting: A Review Executive Insight Publication,
July 2012

Executive Insight has conducted in-depth research into recent innovative contracts implemented across Europe to assess their...

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10 Essential Questions for Successful KOL Management Executive Insight Publication, March 2012

Here we present 10 questions to ask yourself when planning your KOL management strategy. In questions one to five, we first...

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Customer deepdive®: using co-innovation to add value beyond the pill Executive Insight Publication,
March 2012

Adding value beyond the pill has turned from a nice-to-have into a key requirement in today’s healthcare market. Executive...

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Five powerful Ideas on KOL Network Management The Pharmaceutical Executive, Global Digest December 2011

Many pharmaceutical companies still prefer to deal with their stakeholders one-by-one in a controlled way. They are often...

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Have You Optimized Your Market Access Efforts? The Pharmaceutical Executive Global Digest, November 2011

Market access has been a hot topic in pharma for several years now. But while most companies have made the leap to putting...

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German Law Has Companies Weighing Whether to Sell New Drugs in Europe's Largest Market (Podcast) The Burrill Report, October 2011

The drug reorganization act in Germany known as AMNOG places new requirements on pharmaceutical companies to provide justification...

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Organisational Polygamy Pharmaceutical Executive Europe, December 2008

Paul Gardiner and Andrea Sobrio explain why most companies need ‘organisational polygamy’ to maximise profit and best...

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Addressing the trust issue: From share of voice to share of care Journal of Medical Marketing (2007), Vol. 7, 4

Using networks as a framework to understand the changing nature of the healthcare environment, the paper proposes a shift...

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Integration through Sustainable Value Creation (Series Part 4) Journal of Medical Marketing (2007), Vol. 7, 2

Pharmaceutical companies need to find better ways of integrating into the healthcare network to address challenges such as...

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Organising for Networked Healthcare (Series Part 3) Journal of Medical Marketing (2007), Vol. 7, 1

The paper provides an organisational design framework and ideas of how companies can re-organise their commercial operations...

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A Practical Guide to Influence Networks (Series Part 2) Journal of Medical Marketing (2006), Vol. 6, 4

A practical guide to understanding influence networks in the healthcare industry describing a systematic approach, explaining...

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The Network is the Customer (Series Part 1) Journal of Medical Marketing (2006), Vol. 6, 3

This article explains the concept of networked healthcare, demonstrate how the industry is becoming more networked and outline...

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