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Christine Pohl - Manager

“The culture at Executive Insight is one of collaboration and mutual respect. I love how individual strengths and perspectives are encouraged here. People are never judged for speaking their mind.

You really feel valued as an individual, both professionally and personally. The company found out I had a young son before I started and they went out of their way to provide a flexible working situation that suited me. To me that says everything about the company values.

What’s more, I see just how engaged everyone is in their work for our clients; the team has a positive ‘can do’ attitude which makes for an exciting and dynamic environment to work in.”

My favorite project: Developing patient journeys for several extremely rare diseases aimed at identifying how patient care and treatment can be improved. Improving the patient pathway provided an opportunity to increase patient centricity and access to an innovative and highly effective treatment (Global top 3 pharma company).

Stefan Focsa – Senior Consultant

“We partner with clients at a global and regional level and we are fortunate enough to work with many of the leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies.

Being in consulting means that these clients are at the core of our business model and this is something that is very evident at Executive Insight. While the primary objective of our client engagements is to provide a value-adding service, it is also nice to see that there is a strong culture of caring for our clients and building lasting relationships with them.

Having worked at other consulting companies, there is a clear difference at Executive Insight on how we focus on forging partnerships and truly understanding what our clients need. Through this collaborative way of working, our clients gain a strong trust that we will advise them properly. To me this trust is the heartbeat of our organization as it drives the strength of our relationships and the quality of our counsel.”

My favorite project: Working with a cross-functional client team to develop a competitive launch brand strategy for multiple indications and market scenarios. The highlights of this project for me were to provide strategic recommendations to our client on a potential blockbuster and working in a joint client/Executive Insight team throughout the project (Global top 3 pharma company).

Philippe Coune – Manager

“I am proud of the high quality content we deliver at Executive Insight.  It is high quality because it is driven by true insights. And those insights are driven by knowledge and expertise within the team.

For example, we have qualified scientists working in the team who are as knowledgeable about product data as our client company medics. But we also have the business expertise to be able to decipher what this means for clients and to translate it into meaningful, impactful content. 

This combination of science and business knowledge is extremely valuable for our clients who know they can rely on us to provide the high quality outputs that they need to communicate with their stakeholders.”

My favorite project: Early market access assessment for a biologic therapy targeting a rare auto-immune disease. It is my favorite project because it resulted in the identification of a challenge in terms of disease burden by payers, which triggered an action plan to address the issue and ultimately to improve patients access to a new treatment (Global top 3 Pharma company).

Sarah Schellenberg – Consultant

“The diversity of this team is incredible; we have such a wide variety of nationalities, cultures, languages and professional backgrounds. But what we all have in common is a desire to do the best job we can for our clients and a healthy respect for each other’s opinions and ways of doing things.

It is a genuinely caring team.  I only started here quite recently and I was made to feel very welcome right from the start.  Indeed, from the very first call I received from HR, I had the feeling that they really cared about me as a person – it wasn’t only a question of how I would fit into the company, but how the company culture would fit around me.  I also had the opportunity to engage with clients at a very early stage, which I really appreciated.

At Executive Insight I have found a place that makes me happy, inspires me and makes me feel respected for my work and the effort I put into it.”

My favorite project: Development and roll-out of a comprehensive capability-building program across Europe for Market Access and Key Account Management resources ahead of a new product launch. It is inspiring to deep dive into different local healthcare environments and see people get motivated and energized during our local capability building workshops (Global top 3 pharma company).

Claudia Fresca – Senior Consultant

“I previously worked at a big multinational company where individual contributions could be somewhat overlooked. At Executive Insight, it could not be more different.

People are everything here.

Mentoring and professional development are tailored to the individual and there is plenty of potential for career progression within the company. I have had a coach since the day I started and we sit down regularly to check in on progress.

What’s more, there is an open line between all levels which really facilitates learning. You have the chance to learn so much from the partners and your other colleagues directly, and I think this is the best way to develop. Regular social events help with integration too!

I feel well supported by a caring team at Executive Insight and in an environment where I can continue to develop and achieve my own personal development goals.”

My favorite project: Defining the go-to-market model in Central European countries for the client’s first oncology compound and creating a platform for the launch of future oncology assets. Contributing to such a strategic project was intellectually challenging and showed me the concrete impact our work can
have on our client’s business (Global top 10 Pharma company).