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Network Mapping & Management

We help our clients understand and engage with new and emerging healthcare stakeholder networks

For over a decade, pharmaceutical companies have been dealing with two combined factors: the emergence of new stakeholder groups and the increasing interconnection between all stakeholder groups.

This evolution has required companies to rethink not only who their customers really are, but also how to package and deliver the value proposition to those customers.  In turn, this raises the question of how to organise to best interact and serve these stakeholder networks.

Executive Insight has worked in this area for many years, and has delivered numerous projects across a variety of therapeutic areas and European countries. As a result of these projects, our clients have realised tangible improvements in the impact of interacting with existing healthcare networks and the quality of engagement with emerging networks.  In addition, the projects resulted in more effective resource deployment when targeting networks.

Specifically in relation to Key Opinion Leader (KOL) communities, Market Access stakeholders, Key Account networks (KAM) as well as patient referral networks, we offer the following services:

  • Understanding networks: Together with our partner Mederi, we offer clients network mapping as a tool to build a robust understanding of the networks. Based on the understanding of the key stakeholders, the connections and the topology of networks, we develop network targeting strategies and network management tactics.
  • Developing processes and tools to improve network interactions:  We identify the existing processes that need to be adapted to enable successful implementation of network-driven activities. Having the right tools to capture the network plans and information allows you to measure progress and track business impact.
  • Adapting the Organisation to the Network Environment: We help you prepare your organisation for successful engagement with the network environment. This can range from the creation of an organisational model and the development of the role and responsibilities, to training selected resources to understand networks and how best to interact with them.

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