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We support our clients in developing a compelling value proposition that goes beyond the product, embedding services to engage patients, thus maximising the results for the company as a whole

In previous years, a product could be launched and sold successfully for many years by simply allocating a sufficient marketing budget that ensured high share of voice. In the current environment, companies must overcome the hurdles associated with a shrinking healthcare budgets and stricter regulations, while keeping an increasingly empowered patient at the forefront of their thinking. In addition, the industry is confronted with prescribers whose time is very scarce, decision-making processes which are bound to clinical pathways, and freedoms limited by cost containment initiatives.

The traditional product-sell needs to be replaced by a compelling value proposition that offers more than a clinically effective drug. Through innovative methods, Executive Insight uncovers opportunities for companies to broaden their value proposition and capitalise on these opportunities in collaboration with healthcare professionals and patients. This allows a company to become an appealing partner to a wider group of stakeholders.

Our services support you in a variety of situations

  • Launch Excellence: Maximise the results of your product throughout the product lifecycle by optimising the early phase of market presence. Executive Insight helps you to develop a deep understanding of the value proposition to payers, prescribers and patients and at the same time ensures your internal organisation reflects the value too. We enable your teams to increase their effectiveness following an established, cross-functional and best practice-based launch process.
  • Services beyond the pill: Differentiate from the competition by creating an integrated service offering around your product. Executive Insight offers a structured approach to create a Service Model Strategy which sets the basis for brand teams to develop a comprehensive service offering that will excite customers and is closely integrated into the sales strategy
  • Brand & Portfolio Strategy: Assess the value of your products from an holistic perspective reflecting the patient’s day-to-day reality. Executive Insight investigates your brand or portfolio and identifies opportunities to enhance your value proposition, increasing your worth as partner to patients, physicians and other healthcare stakeholders.

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