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Market Access

We are the only company that offers a one-stop shop for Market Access services

As the sustainability of healthcare systems is questioned, new laws, governance principles and cost containment initiatives are emerging in every country, making access to medicines one of the hottest topics in Pharma. Institutions such as HTA agencies, regional budget holders, and formulary committees are growing and are having impact on drug access at a national level as well as at single hospital level.

This new and complex reality has convinced companies to take the leap to put payers’ needs at the forefront of their thinking. However, the Market Access capabilities and activities often haven’t been adapted accordingly. Through innovative thinking, Executive Insight can help you make the most of the new reality.

We believe that Market Access is not only about Pricing and Health Economics Outcome Research (HEOR). Market Access has the role and responsibility to drive the alignment and integration of the different functions around new stakeholders. In-depth understanding of the national/local healthcare environment and the objectives and needs of Market Access stakeholders is the key to unlocking access. Original solutions like innovative contracting and co-creation with payers, are crucial when faced with local system complexity.

To manage this complex reality, Executive Insight has developed a unique service offer for the market in partnership with PHMR Associates

  • Market Access Strategy: Define your Market Access strategy by balancing market requirements, therapeutic area / brand objectives and internal capabilities
  • Market Access Intelligence: Obtain in-depth knowledge of the institutional setting of a country or region and understand key Market Access stakeholders and their networks
  • Market Access Solutions: Uncover key stakeholder needs and co-innovate collaborative solutions and value propositions for powerful differentiation
  • Market Access Stakeholder Management : Excel in execution of planning and cross-functional collaboration to deliver an integrated approach
  • Market Access Organisation & Capabilities: Establish and enhance the organisation by ensuring the right competences and skills are deployed in all areas of Market Access at a global, regional and local level

We offer a one-stop shop covering all aspects related to Market Access through our proven successful partnership.

Services offered:

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