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We support our clients in tangibly shaping health care systems towards more sustainability through aligning common interests of all relevant healthcare stakeholders and finding the right organisational set-up to effectively operate in a multi-stakeholder environment 

Governments and regulators are second only to traditional customers (i.e.: patients and prescribers) in their ability to affect Pharma companies economic value. This can be in both positive and negative ways. Specifically policy makers have a significant impact on access to innovative care through the issuing of austerity measures, regulations around data protection in the context of genetic health and IP protection to only name a few. However in a majority of cases policy makers and influencers do not yet see Pharma companies as their partners in shaping the future of sustainable healthcare. The reasons for this are biased approaches to lobbying in the past as well as a lack of co-creation based on trusted relationships. Also internally the Government Affairs functions within Pharma companies are often buried under a support function with a limited understanding from business leaders on what they do. In most cases there is little awareness outside of the Government Affairs teams on what the worst outcome could have been if they had not engaged with stakeholders smartly. This is partially also due to the fact that tracking and quantifying impact in Government Affairs is very difficult.  

When engaging with clients in Government Affairs Executive Insight is operating by three distinct principles:

  1. Outcome orientation: Measuring the effectiveness of Government Affairs interventions is a difficult task, especially when activities are launched a long time before the actual impact is going to be created (i.e.: proactive policy shaping versus firefighting). However we believe it is crucial to define outcome measures at the design phase of each initiative to first of all test the validity of the undertaking and second of all be able to communicate the value in tangible terms to business leaders and collaborating functions. 
  2. Holistic healthcare system focus: We believe that the overarching ambition of Government Affairs should always be to increase healthcare system sustainability. Thus all initiatives should aim at creating true win-win situations for all stakeholders involved. This requires to always look at the external environment from a multi-stakeholder lens in close collaboration with other functions.
  3. Multi-stakeholder collaboration and co-creation: To create true win-win solutions you need to co-create. Through our projects we foster close collaboration beyond the policy makers with for example patient associations, academia and think tanks. It is also important to understand best which trade associations and other pharma companies to most efficiently engage with on selected topics.

Our services support you in a variety of situations:

Policy positions & campaigns: Maximize the impact of your policy campaigns by facilitating the exchange of perspectives across the different healthcare stakeholders and identifying the common interest. So that each stakeholder becomes an advocate for “the cause” and change is triggered automatically from within the system.
Organizational development: Better understand your ambition and the environment you are operating in. Then mirror that environment with the way you organize yourself as well as the skills and capabilities you acquire.
Tools & frameworks: Equip yourself with tools and frameworks to use scarce resources effectively by providing your organization with standardized approaches to anticipate opportunities and threats early on and shaping healthcare systems effectively. 

For more information or to discuss in person, please contact our team:

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