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Expert Network

In addition to our experienced team, we have built a network of trusted professionals—all experts in their fields—to provide in-depth knowledge and insight in specific areas. Our network includes seasoned professionals with longstanding pharmaceutical industry and medical experience as well as technical experts on topics such as eHealth, deal evaluation, or medical writing. This enables us to bring together a unique set of skills, expertise and experience to ensure the best results for our clients.

Clifford Hall

Background: >15 years pharmaceutical industry experience; 9 years of medical practice

Education: Medical doctor specialised in Pulmonology and intensive Care; MBA (INSEAD)

Focus Areas: Medical, Medical Affairs, Marketing, Innovative Commercial Models

Languages: English, French

Dr. Suzan Esslinger

Background: 6 years of academic research in molecular and cellular biology, >11 years of experience in the biotech & pharmaceutical industry with a focus on Medical and Regulatory Affairs, >4 years of healthcare consulting experience

Education: Master degree in Theoretical Medicine, PhD in Molecular Biology

Focus Areas: Regulatory, Market Access

Languages: English, German, French

Dr. med. J├╝rgen Raths

Background: 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical and biotech business in Europe and the USA in various senior roles including CEO positions

Education: MD fom University of Bonn

Focus Areas: Innovative Commercial Models, Lifecycle Management, Market Access, Training and Communication

Languages: German, English, French

Mirella Zaffuto

Background: > 12 years experience in Life Sciences Consulting ( International CRO included), >10 years professor in Pharmaceutical Legislation and Market Access Strategies, > 2 years General Coordinator of Master in Regulatory, Patenting and Economic Aspects of drugs and medical devices development, University of Ferrara

Education:Economics & Business and Specialization in Regulatory and Pharmacoecomic disciplines, University of Pavia

Focus Areas:Primary and Secondary Research, Market Access Strategies at Early and Late phase of drug life cycle management, Pricing and Reimbursement  dossier at national, regional and local level

Languages: Italian, English

Anne-Christine Potocka-Francois

Background: 20 years Medical Affairs experience in EU pharmaceutical companies

Education: MD, cardiologist

Focus Areas: Medical Affairs

Languages: French, English, German

Maria Tamayo

Background: >8 years of experience in Life Sciences Consulting (Market Access and P&R), >5 years as Healthcare Director of a Value Communications Agency > 3 years of experience in Forecasting (Pharmaceutical Sales Global Sales, Worldwide). For companies such as Cambridge Pharma Consultancy, IMS, Global Insight and Optum (part of Healthcare United)

Education: Degree in Law (LLM) with specialisation in International Business through a Masters Degree from Staffordshire University (UK)

Focus Areas: Pricing and Market Access optimization across all stages of discovery. Primary and Secondary research.  Payer value messages. Evidence Generation. Generic (and Biosimilars) competition strategy. Competitive Landscape Analysis. Pricing Scenarios

Languages: Spanish (native) and English

Hans Dettmers

Background: 30 years experience in pharma industry, from generic development to loss of exclusivity in big pharma

Education:  Chemical engineer (organic and analytical) by training and specialized in pharmaceuical technology and marketing

Focus Areas: Preparing pharma brands, at an early stage, for loss of exclusivity and competition.Life Cycle Management awareness training for pharma commercial and development groups

Languages: English, German, Dutch

Robert Bohte

Background: Trained as a GP, 4 years of clinical academic research in infectious disease, focus on pneumonia, > 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on medical affairs and clinical research phase III and IV

Education: Bachelor in Pharmacy, Medical Doctor degree, GP registration and PhD in Infectious Diseases

Focus Areas: Medical Affairs related activities for indications on Respiratory, Gastroenterology and anxiety disorders

Languages: Dutch, English 

Bertrand Bonnot

Background: > 30 years of international experience in both pharmaceuticals and medtech / in vitro diagnostics; Roles in Marketing, Strategic planning , IVD, anesthetics, anti-infective and AIDS

Education: Engineer (Applied Biology) by training

Focus Areas: Diagnostics, Medical Devices, international operations, marketing and business development

Languages: French, English

Richard Low

Background: >35 years pharmaceutical industry experience in marketing, sales & business development

Education: BSc. degree in animal sciences

Focus Areas: Marketing, capability building, training

Languages: English, French

Eric Janvier

Background: 17 years in the pharmaceutical & biotech industry in various senior roles, including regional CFO & CIO

Education: Master degree in engineering physics and a postgraduate degree in finance

Focus Areas: Sales, Commercial Models

Languages: French, English

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