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Customer Engagement

We support clients who are transforming their sales model, by developing future-proof approaches for their customer and stakeholder universe, enabling optimal customer engagement and ultimately improving the bottom line.

When measures such as downsizing occur in pharmaceutical companies, it is typically with sales in mind. While sales force size is often a valid component to look at, Executive Insight helps clients to go beyond that dimension and find a balanced approach in defining a sustainable sales model.

Given current challenges such as Market Access restrictions and shifting decision-making responsibilities, we believe that defining a new spectrum of what to offer to whom through which sales channel, always needs to start with truly understanding the customer and stakeholder environment first. Renaming sales reps to key account managers or simply equipping the sales force with latest technological devices will not provide a solution if customer needs and resulting implications (for example sales capabilities or cross-functional coordination) are not understood and addressed upfront.

We offer a complete spectrum of sales services that range from targeted interventions to a holistic redefinition of the sales approach:

  • Evolving the Overall Sales Model: We support clients in setting up and implementing comprehensive sales transformation programmes. These cover a wide range of elements, from defining the right stakeholder interaction and content definition, to organisational implications and supporting change-management activities.
  • Defining Sales approaches for Specific Customer Groups: Successful selling requires appropriate sales approaches for each customer group.  For example, non-traditional customer groups, such as payers or managed care organisations, require fundamentally different sales techniques than standard detailing. We help clients define tailor and implement these techniques, particularly in complex decision-making settings such as key account management, non-traditional customer management, value selling and others.
  • Setting up an Integrated Sales Organisation: Implementing a truly customer-oriented sales organisation typically means that traditional internal structures, with departments working in silos, need to be broken up. Sales reps increasingly have to transition into a holistic customer or account manager role, acting like a broker to flexibly bring in the knowledge required from different internal functions. We help our clients in defining and implementing efficient new structures and processes and also manage what can be significant changes involved in moving responsibilities in the organisation.
  • Ensuring Execution through Actionable Tools and Redefined Capabilities & Skills: We support our clients in making new sales approaches happen and ensuring benefit-realisation.  We provide tangible and actionable tools such as role-based segmentation or referral network mapping, together with practical training sessions to enable the customer-facing staff to execute the new sales approach. In addition, we pay close attention to measuring and tracking results and taking corrective action early on if needed.

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