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Customer & Market Insights

We support clients generating actionable customer and market insights by combining innovative methods with robust analysis, which form a powerful basis for strategic decision making.

Given the innate complexity of the healthcare environment, coupled with the high pace of regulatory changes, having a deep understanding of customer and market dynamics becomes an imperative prerequisite for every pharma company.

Traditional approaches to generating those insights are increasingly becoming blunt instruments as they fail to properly reflect key changes in the environment.  Executive Insight helps clients to fully grasp current market dynamics through innovative approaches targeted at understanding and working with customers and key stakeholders.

We offer selected customer and market insight services that have proven to offer powerful insights as a solid basis for strategic decision making:

  • Customer & Market Archetype Building: Understanding fundamental patterns and trends within and across markets is a key prerequisite for successfully matching your capabilities to the requirements of the marketplace. This ‘helicopter perspective’ is the starting point for building archetypes that cover different aspects such as Market Access characteristics or specific buying patterns. We support clients in defining relevant archetype models that will deliver crucial insights and help them make the right strategic decisions.
  • Customer deepdive®:  Adding value ‘beyond the pill’ has turned from a nice-to-have into a key requirement in today’s healthcare market. With the overabundance of standard information there is a strong need to truly understand customer needs and collaborate with all stakeholders along the entire patient journey. Customer deepdive® is our proprietary, strategic and systematic approach designed to encourage co-innovation of new services and solutions with customers. It allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition by harnessing the imaginative power of your customers to co-create value-added solutions that truly meet market needs.

  • Role-based Segmentation: Select cost containment measures such as generic substitutions are aimed at limiting the role of the physician as the principle decision-maker in the prescription of drugs. As a consequence, other non-traditional customers, such as payers, regulators or managed care organisations, have started to emerge as key decision-makers. Traditional segmentation approaches based on sales data alone fail to include those customers. We support clients in assessing the value of non-traditional customers, gaining new perspectives on those important stakeholders, and deriving powerful strategies. We do this by applying our proven role-based segmentation approach, which can be utilised for stakeholders involved in all lifecycle phases – from late development, to Market Access and commercialisation.
  • Payer Omnibus Service: Payers are becoming increasingly important in determining a product’s commercial success or failure.  It is therefore vital for pharma companies to clearly understand and address what the needs and objectives of the payers are at an early stage. To facilitate access to payers and deliver payer insights, Executive Insight together with its partner PHMR Associates, works with a high calibre panel of 400 payers, covering 25 markets. We support our clients in developing survey questions and provide detailed results analysis on a range of topics, including: reactions and opinions on specific issues, value proposition message testing, measuring the usage of innovative pricing models and estimating payer influencer behaviours.

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