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Commercial Models

We provide an established methodology for designing and implementing innovative, profitable commercialisation strategies for your product that match the size and situation of your company.

With the cost of drug development at a new high and the commercialisation of (new) products a complex affair, it is crucial for each company to consider the optimal commercial strategy. This translates into unique challenges for smaller biotech companies who typically shy away from commercialising their products themselves, seeing this as too big a step to take. Within larger companies, the traditional organisational model may not be profitable for each product, even though the product itself can generate considerable sales.

We help our clients create a fit between product, organisation and market situation to develop the most effective and efficient way to market your product:

  • Go-to market strategies for biotech companies or new drugs: We have an established methodology, based on our ten years of experience in designing and implementing innovative commercial models.  The model starts with evaluating the market situation, and culminates in an achievable roadmap through launch, designed to maximise the value of the asset(s). These strategies ensure that our customers can fund their clinical programmes, maximise the value of their assets, and find an optimal balance between short, medium and long-term revenues to fit their specific needs.
  • Organisation setup optimisation: In the right circumstances, innovative commercial models will outperform more traditional models at a much lower cost. The two primary factors that need to be considered are: firstly, complexity of the product and the therapeutic area, and secondly, the size of the customer base. We analyse the situation, guide you through the decision making process to select the right option and create a blueprint for successful implementation.

Client benefits are:

  • Higher sales compared to traditional commercial models
  • Improved customer satisfaction, achieved by delivering high value services bundled with the product
  • A reduction in headcount, an OPEX based on efficiencies from centralising where possible, and high precision targeting at the EU level to focus on the customers with the highest potential and individuals with the biggest influence on prescribing behaviour

For more information or to discuss in person, please contact our team:

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