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Our people are our true asset. That is why we put a serious focus on professional development. We work with every individual to together define objectives for professional growth. Through a structured approach of formal trainings, informal knowledge sharing sessions coupled with a coaching program and continuous performance feedbacks we ensure that the best support is available in reaching individual and company goals.



We are always looking for talented individuals who have an exceptional sense of maturity, a drive for finding creative solutions and a passion for healthcare.

Are you interested in the following positions, please send your CV to the attention of Mrs. Lara Osswald (hr@executiveinsight.ch) : 


Consultant in Commercial Operations

Consultant in Market Access

Senior Consultant in Market Access



We provide tailored services to both large pharmaceutical industries and biotech companies across a variety of therapeutic and geographic areas. Every project is unique and viewed as an opportunity to support our clients in making a difference in the healthcare market.

We strongly believe that the best results are achieved when creative minds collaboratively work together in a non-hierarchical and open environment. Our culture is thus driven by teamwork, trust and a spirit of intellectual curiosity.


It’s great and intellectually stimulating to be part of a multidisciplinary and highly experienced team!

Christine Pohl, Manager

Working for Executive Insight is like being part of an extended, multi-national family, sharing the passion for healthcare and consulting.

Sandra Schoenes, Manager

Coming from a scientific environment I always thought that creativity, freedom and individual mentoring are purely academic attributes. So I was positively surprised when I experienced the unique environment of Executive Insight which combines such an approach with a hands-on entrepreneurial drive.

Alexander Kriz, Manager


Our people come from a variety of working and geographical backgrounds, currently covering a blend of eight nationalities and nine related languages. We are very proud of having and growing with such a unique and diverse team that is the foundation for our success.