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Medical Affairs

We believe Medical Affairs can play a pivotal, strategic role in helping companies to regain trust and demonstrate the value of their products to a wide range of stakeholders.

The importance of Medical Affairs has increased dramatically over the past few years from a supporting, reactive function to a central, strategic, customer-facing one. This is because in today’s healthcare environment, Medical Affairs is uniquely placed to reignite trust; to work closely with all stakeholders to truly understand the challenges they face and to work as a partner to find solutions.
The opportunity exists now for Medical Affairs to move beyond its traditional function of providing clinical and communications support throughout the product lifecycle towards:
  • Bridging the gap between R&D and Commercial by bringing patient-centric insights from a broader range of external medical decision-makers and influencers into clinical development
  • Establishing a continuous holistic evidence generation strategy beyond clinical evidence to achieve strong value propositions
  • Serving as trusted experts to an extended network of stakeholders by acting as facilitators of scientific information exchange
  • Acting as ambassadors of patient outcomes and the clinical point of view, by driving a patient-centric approach across all functions

Services offered:

  • Planning & Strategy: We work with our customers to develop Medical Affairs strategies and undertake supporting research, for example benchmarking and identification of opportunities for earlier and deeper patient engagement during clinical development.
  • Organization & Capability building: Medical Affairs usually works across multiple touch points within an organization. We help companies to define their Medical Affairs capabilities and organizational set-up, helping the function to serve as a central point to align other functions and franchises toward producing value for customers. 
  • Medical Education: We help companies to develop therapeutic medical education strategies, allowing to define portfolios of educational programs that address educational needs by the healthcare stakeholders they target. Employing a collaborative co-development approach, we help companies to onboard and engage thought leaders early on in the process. 

For more information or to discuss in person, please contact our team:

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